move over emily … gosia is coming to paris!

Pinch. Me.

J and I are jetting off to France.



Oh, PUTAIN! It’s actually happening.

I am beyond excited.

Not gonna lie … also excited about having that glass of champagne when we get to the airport.

The only thing is:

The busyness of moving to a new country + juggling work and uni + settling into life with my husband = I’ve learnt next to no French since making all those promises in January.

Oh, géniale! #facepalm
Ok, I just wanted to throw that word in there … 

Géniale: my new favourite French word.

In a last-minute French lesson frenzy, I’ve been listening to Pauline Croze and Vanille and even Carla Bruni on Spotify.

Absorbing French any way I can at this point.

I’ve been cramming French lessons on Pimsleur.

Est-ce que vous comprenez l’anglais?

Desperate times: I’ve even started rewatching Emily in Paris on Netflix.

“That’s a cliché!” J kept yelling out from the bedroom last night as I sat on the couch taking notes (I kid … I wasn’t actually taking notes)!

And, well, failing all that, I’ve got the Google Translate app downloaded onto my iPhone.

I’m ready to spend two weeks lost in translation with J’s family.

Nervous but mostly I can’t wait to finally meet them in person. Champagne and red wine will help, I’m certain. HOORAH!

So, it’s …

Bon Voyage to us!

Aurevoir, Doha … for now.

And a big Bonjour to France.

Bags are … left empty because hello, SHOPPING!

Kidding … I have packed a little. Plenty of room still left though 😉

We are ready to hit that airport lounge and that champagne, and we’re ready to get on that plane.  

This time tomorrow we will be in France.


F R A N C E!

And this time for more than just one day! … A story for another time.

‘Til next time French lovers.

x G.

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