pardon my French

J and I are official – Mr & Mrs.  

That’s right, we’re officially married.

Pinch. Me.

It has been an absolute whirlwind month since we got him across the Queensland border (legally, of course, with all required tests and documents in place) at the beginning of December when they started quarantining entire flights shortly after opening the borders, but we did it.

Two wedding ceremonies later and we are settling into married life.

It still feels a little surreal that we’ve said our ‘I do’s’ but I am here for this married life and for our ‘happily ever after’.

And of course, I’m not expecting that the road ahead will be without its bumps, but I am here for it all and ready to tackle any challenge … together.

Well, any challenge except our language challenge that is.

That one, pals, is a solo adventure.

Although, I say that now, but rest assured I’ll be asking J for help with a tail between my legs, I’m sure.

Let me backtrack a little to minimise the confusion.

J and I have come up with a little New Year’s challenge.

Happy 2022, everyone!

He learns Polish because I am Polish.

I learn French because he is French.


We have 12 months – the challenge started as the New Year rolled in.

At the end of December, we will find someone to test each of us, to see who has mastered the other’s first language better.

I took French in year 8 high school and I’m pretty sure I failed. In fact, I remember taking one of the tests not knowing a thing! So, this will be an interesting year, I’m sure.

But as much as I’m here for my new life with J, I’m here for the French lessons.

I’ve downloaded Duolingo, bought a French basics book – ‘Easy French Step-by-Step by Myrna Bell Rochester, PhD – and am looking into online courses to take.

I am determined to “win”.

Not competetive AT ALL.

We haven’t quite settled on what the winner gets at the end, but if I can speak French with his family … and at our French wedding ceremony (Yup! We’re celebrating our wedding not once, twice but THREE times!), that would be a dream.

I’ll let you all know how I’m coming along with my French over the next few months with regular blog updates, so for those interested, stay tuned.

In the meantime, can anyone out there in the blogging abyss recommend any reputable beginner French schools (preferably online) that I could try?

Much love,

Mrs J. x  

Previously known as G. x

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