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Being a little late to the party – fashionably late some might say – I recently came across this brand when reading an article published in Elle Australia.

Titled, ‘Popular Haircare Brand Function of Beauty Has Created a Skincare Collection’, I was instantly intrigued.

A brand – ‘Function of Beauty’ – that formulates haircare and skincare products to your needs! Where? How?

As someone who has terribly thin hair (still waiting for my adult hair to grow!) and seriously sensitive skin, I am fascinated by the concept of personalising my haircare and skincare products.

Because let me tell you, the countless of products I’ve bought over the years from salons, supermarkets and the local pharmacy – well, the promise the world but are yet to deliver to my, well, personal needs.

And with Mintel* – said to be one of the world’s leading market intelligence agencies – predicting that due to Covid-19, as consumers our “priorities have shifted” and we are looking for “product functionality and purpose”; that “experiences will become more valuable than tangible products as many consumers re-evaluate what is essential”, I’d say customised hair and beauty is meeting these needs.

How it works 

According to Elle Australia, essentially how ‘Function of Beauty’ works is that ‘instead of buying based on what you feel your skin or hair type is, you shop off the back of a quiz, which identifies the key ingredients that will help you achieve the best results’.

But wait there’s more!

On completion of the quiz, you get to name your product, choose (or opt-out of) the dye and fragrance (for the haircare products) and the personally formulated products are shipped to your door.

No more scouring the shelves at your local supermarket – now you get products said to be suited to you shipped directly to your door.

It doesn’t get more personal than that!

And, as stated on their website, Function of Beauty products are “free of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, gluten” and they are “vegan and certified cruelty free”.

Winning all ‘round.

For more information and to take the quiz, visit:

Happy formulating.

x G.

*Mintel 2021 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends report. 

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