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Reading an article in Elle Australia, the late Princess Diana, ‘The People’s Princess’, may have passed away more than 20 years ago, but her style and her legacy remain firmly in the limelight, particularly following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s controversial interview with Oprah and then the suspiciously-timely revelation about the Mother’s Day cards Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children make for Princess Diana each year.

And now, according to Elle Australia and Glamour U.S., the Princess of Wales is once again impacting cultural trends with the emergence of 2021’s ‘IT’ bob – the aptly dubbed the ‘Modern Diana’ bob.

According to Elle Australia, “the whispy bob is seeing a resurgence, only this time with a slightly more modern twist”.

Glamour U.S. is calling it “the modern bob 2.0”.

“The beauty of this hairstyle is that, if it’s cut at a good length, like at your cheekbones, it can be left to grow out beautifully and can be very a very low-maintenance cut”, says Glamour U.S.

I don’t know about you, but I was sporting this so-called, ‘modern twist’ (a bob cut to your cheekbones) when I was 10. Seriously. It was a thing. Everyone was doing it, right?!  

Speaking with Glamour U.S., stylist at Larry King, Andreas Wild is quoted as saying that this “fresh” bob is “really an extreme look and is great … [for] coming out of lockdown”.

“It’s so feminine in a masculine way,” Mr King is quoted as saying.

He goes on to ‘emphasise layers’; however, if you have seriously thin/whispy hair like me … I would advise against layers.

I’m no hairstylist, but every time I visit the hairdresser I am told, time and time again: No layers! Layers will, apparently, thin out the hair. Aye, aye, Captain!

 Both Elle Australia and Glamour U.S. offer up product advice in their respective write-ups of this re-modernised bob – think: texture sprays, gloss spray and styling gels … it ain’t easy emulating a princess.

And as someone who has sported all sorts of haircuts and styles over the years, I will say: be warned … products are going to be your best friend here. Especially hair spray. It might seem easy-breezy … but for those with fine locks … there’s a little more maintenance involved in the upkeep of this fine hairdo.  

“To make the haircut more modern and on-trend today, wear the hairstyle a little messier for a more relaxed take on the trend, scrunching in some mousse or texturising spray like a salt spray into your hair and leaving to air dry rather than blow-drying”, International Artistic Director, Suzie McGill, from Rainbow Room is quoted as saying in Glamour U.S.

Whatever way you cut it, 2021’s ‘bob 2.0’ may seem easy, breezy but it requires work … along with an at-times hefty investment in products.

But it’s here. It’s a trend. So, have fun!

As for me, I am strongly considering going back to this hairstyle. Nostalgia has struck and, well, why not! Hairstyles will always grow out, right?!

x G.

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