beauty giant leader in gender equality

“We believe that stronger companies and stronger communities are created when people of culture, background and lifestyle are accepted and valued.”

– L’Oréal

For the fourth year in a row, beauty giant, L’Oréal has been recognised as a leader in gender equality.

According to a statement released by L’Oréal, the company has again been recognised in Bloomberg’s Gender-Equality Index (GEI).

The 2021 GEI highlights 380 companies across 44 countries and regions and, is based on criteria including female leadership and talent, gender pay parity, inclusive culture and sexual harassment policies.

Given that in 2019, women reportedly represent 54% of L’Oreal’s leadership positions, 54% of the Board of Directors and 30% of the Executive Committee, this 2021 recognition seems really no surprise with the company appearing to have a longstanding history in empowering people of all genders.

“This is a recognition of our long-term efforts to empower people of all genders as part of our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion at all levels and in all functions of the company.

“We are convinced that gender equity is a strategic lever to increase wellbeing at work, fuel creativity and innovation, and boost performance and growth,” said Jean-Claude Le Grand, Executive Vice-President Human Relations at L’Oreal.

L’Oréal works with two independent organisations: EDGE (Economic Dividends for Gender Equality) and GEEIS (Gender Equality European and International Standard) that conduct in-depth, rigorous audits of current staff and hiring policies for many of its subsidiaries.

For more on about L’Oreal’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, visit:  

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