when yoghurt dollops into fashion

Popular yoghurt brand, Chobani, has reportedly dolloped into sports fashion with its Actual Wear Survey, which aimed to find out how Australians ‘actually wear their activewear’.

Kinda riding on the coattails of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures that ensued (which clearly meant we were all living in our own personal luxe sports activewear havens … just kidding – I looked homeless for most of the time!), Chobani sought to understand the activewear habits of Australians over the last 12 months.

Commissioning OmniPoll to conduct a national survey, the yoghurt company asked Aussies how we wear our activewear – how often, where and whether we actually exercise when wearing it.

Side note: reportedly this survey comes off the back of what’s said to be the ‘biggest on-pack promotion the dairy aisle has ever seen’, which offers consumers the chance to win one of 25,000 pieces of Chobani activewear.

Say, what?
Chobani is doing activewear now?
Who knew?! (Clearly, not me!)

Anyhoo, it’s said that Chobani conducted an online survey of 1,237 people aged 18-59 and found that:

  • 82% of Australian adults under 60 wear activewear either for exercise, at home or as casual wear.
    *Duh! Who doesn’t love lounging around in their trackies?!
  • 78% of people reported that they had worn activewear as casual wear when they were out and about.
    *Ah, hello. That is my normal existence.
  • Around 40% of people reported wearing activewear most days, if not every day.
    *I wish I could wear activewear on the daily. 
  • Since Covid-19 hit, 38% of respondents report wearing activewear more often than previously.
    *Nah! For me … it’s, same, same.
  • Australians wear their activewear around the house more often than wearing it for exercise or being out and about.
    *See point one. 

“Throughout Covid-19, we noticed a shift in purchasing habits as people working and exercising from home was changing the way consumers bought our products,” said Lyn Radford, Managing Director, Chobani Australia.

“As we began to develop Chobani activewear for our biggest on-pack promotion, we became interested in how Covid-19 had also changed the way Aussies wear their activewear, leading to the first-ever ‘Actual Wear Survey’.

“It was interesting to know that around 30% of people who wear activewear are more likely to eat healthier when wearing it. Chobani yogurt and activewear make the perfect pair!”

The survey shed light on the factors that are most important to men and women when it comes to buying activewear, with 98% of respondents saying comfort was an important factor.

Looking good was also highly important among women, with 75% of women under 40 stating looking good in their activewear is an extremely or very important factor when deciding what to buy.

Interestingly, around 45% of men believe activewear makes women look more attractive when worn as casual wear.

*OK then. 

 Comedian and Actual Wear Survey ambassador Nikki Osborne said: “I was reassured but not surprised that there was a spike in lazy active-wearers when Covid-19 hit.

“I’ve actually developed an aversion to non-stretch pants – I don’t need that sort of negativity in my life.”

I hear you, Nikki. I hear, you!

 x G.

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