there’s a party on the hill

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk the red carpet at a Hollywood awards ceremony? Or thought about what you might say if you WON a Golden Globe or an Oscar?

After watching a YouTube video of Jennifer Aniston walking the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globes, my initial reaction: “How awkward must that be for her?” The constant call outs from the press pack: “Jennifer, over here”, “Jennifer, straight ahead”, “To your left, sweetheart” and “Jennifer, over the shoulder” – how bloody awkward!

I totally get that everyone there is just trying to do their jobs and that the actors (etc.) have this all pretty much figured out. But if it were me, I wouldn’t be able to stop belly-laughing! No doubt, I’d make some hideous expression, trip over my gown and heels, and end up at the top of the ‘fashion-don’t’ list.

Probably why I’m not a Hollywood movie star.

Yes … that’s obviously THE reason for that.

But, anyway, I do love a good awards show and what they call the ‘Awards Season’.

And I have, in fact, wondered what it would be like to walk down a red carpet.

And yes, I have thought about what I’d say if I ever won an Oscar.

OMG! I need help.

In fact, at our Year 12 Formal we did an Oscars-inspired awards thingy. I remember winning the award for the biggest nerd (or something to that effect) and getting up onto the stage, finally, finally getting the chance to make MY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH!


And also, yup! I spent most of my final year of high school in the library – good times, obviously.

Anyhoo. I digress.

The other thing that’s always captivated me about awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and more so, the Oscars, is the fashion.  

Curiously captivated and eager to see what the Hollywood stars have been draped in each year – I love perusing through the various ‘red carpet’ galleries posted online, picking out my faves while secretly relishing in the fashion faux pas.

Shoutout to Fashion Critical – H I L A R I O U S!

Going back to my Year 12 Formal.

While yes, I got to make my “Oscars speech” debut that night, leading into the event – in the many months prior – I remember early one Monday morning before class sitting in the school library (Ooh! There’s me in the library again) flipping through the pages of that day’s newspaper with one of my friends.

We turned straight to the Oscars red carpet gallery pages because the Oscars had been on the night before. DUH!

With starry-eyed captivation, we I was hypnotised by the images, and remember declaring then and there that I wasn’t going to simply BUY my formal dress off the rack at the local mall, I was going to have mine MADE.

Dah, dah … DAAAAAH! *Gasp! *

I mean, off the rack? Pah-lease! … Peasants.

And that, my dress would be inspired by the look of that particular year’s Oscars red carpet.

Think shimmery, long (with a mini train) … BACKLESS!

Anyhoo. I had my moment.

Or thereabouts.

With the Golden Globes on overnight I spent this afternoon glued to the various recap/highlight videos on YouTube and scrolling through the red carpet galleries on Vogue and Elle and other fashion/entertainment sites.

Side note: Was the red carpet flooded? Some of the dresses looked soaked at the bottom. Especially, noticeable on the beautiful blue gown worn by Viola Davis. YIKES!

Some of my red carpet faves: Jessica Chastain in Casadei, Julia Garner in Gucci, Elizabeth Debicki in Dior (effortlessly STUN-NING!) and, of course, Wednesday Adams … I mean, Jenna Ortega.

Stand out in the men’s: Definitely Donald Glover in Saint Laurent. He basically wore a silk robe – BRAVO!

Click here to peruse Vogue’s gallery for yourself.

Fave acceptance speech of the night goes to the one, the only Jennifer Coolidge.


She won her first ever Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series for her role in The White Lotus.

Time to get onto ‘The White Lotus’ bandwagon. Haven’t watched it yet.

“I was never invited to one party on my hill and now everyone’s inviting me!”

Jennifer  Coolidge, Golden Globes 2023 acceptance speech

So OK sure, perhaps anything Hollywood is a little more ridiculous than it is in fact glam.

But that party on the hill is also so captivating, at least to me … whether I’m sitting in the library or not.

Can’t wait to see what the Oscars bring this year!

x G.

Feature image by: Paul Deetman.

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