wedding bells are ringing

Here’s a little question for you all:

Is it possible to plan your wedding(s) in less than 3 months?

Now, I say ‘weddings’ (plural) because J and I are taking our wedding ‘Le Tour’ on the road effectively … more on that later.

A quick little backtrack.

Before I write about the wedding plans – yes, J proposed! We are officially engaged and getting married. And I have to say, I have the best fiancé in the world. So much love.



Wedding plans.

While J and I had spoken about getting married (etc.) basically from the time we first met …

We laugh: Marriage at first month!

… it hasn’t truly felt actually real until the last month or so once J proposed and we officially announced our engagement.

Now, because of Covid and the like, we’ve decided not to wait.

I have plenty of friends and family who have postponed their nuptials because of Covid, so we’ve decided to make the most of the reduced Christmas restrictions and say our “I do’s” in December.

This has meant that, sure, things have been a little on the non-traditional side, but what’s traditional these days anyway? We make our own traditions.

It has also meant that we’ve had some serious planning to do.

Especially considering we’re taking this show on the road – Le Tour de J & G.

Brisbane nuptials.

A Melbourne ceremony.

Followed by a party in France.


So, yes. It’s possible to organise your wedding in less than 3 months.

I had a 90 minute meeting with mum and the Melbourne wedding planner earlier this week, and have sent multiple emails to our florist, hair & makeup artist, and photographer for our Brisbane ceremony … while J had spent his evening curating the menu for our Brisbane recption.

The key is staying organised, writing plenty of emails – phone calls and zoom meetings, and keeping detailed lists.

Google docs help.

As does a very supportive husband-to-be.

Along with the aforementioned wedding planner for the Melbourne event …

… a mumma and the best future in-laws who are super excited by all of this!

And voila!

A wedding Le Tour in less than three months.

How’s that for planning!

x G.

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