virgo season

Did you know (well, according to an article in Vogue Australia by Stella Nova) that Virgo’s “excel at a lot of stuff”.

That we “have a huge grasp on most areas, with an amazing ability to know a little about a lot”. In fact, our “secret superpower” is that we’re “Google in human form”.

With my birthday coming up (I’m a September baby) a work friend (who happens to love all things star signs) sent me a link to said Vogue Australia article.

While I don’t necessarily believe in star signs and the like, and don’t necessarily think they hold too much clout, I find it interesting reading about the traits and characteristics that, as a Virgo, I supposedly possess.

So, after reading the article, here’s a little breakdown of some of the things I discovered – the accurate and the not-so-accurate.

‘Versatile Virgo’

According to Nova, Virgo’s are the “all-round multi-taskers of the zodiac”, with the highest of standards – in fact our standards are supposedly so high that they’re unreachable by other star signs.

In fact, Nova says, that “if you want a job done properly, call in a Virgo”.

We’re “precise, perfectionistic and maybe a little pedantic [and] conscientious”.

Hmm … an interesting one. I don’t necessarily think I have unattainable standards, but I do like to get the job done – to get it done properly the first time. One of my biggest pet-peeves is sloppy work that you have to go back to correct 101 times. Do it once – do it properly.

‘A fixer’

Next up, Nova says that as a Virgo with a “reputation as a problem solver” I “send out subliminal signals that attract people who need my help”.

She says that my love for being “of service to others” can be a “blessing and a curse” – in some cases it’s a good thing but she warns, “beware of energy vampires who are all take and no give”.

Nova says that Virgo’s get a kick out of putting others ahead of themselves and while we may “grumble about always being the one gets landed with these chores, if we’re honest, deep down inside we know that a little part of us loves the martyrdom of it, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll probably do the job better than anyone else anyway”.

This one is probably a little truer than I’d like to admit. I do have a tendency towards micromanaging, and I’ll admit, at times I can be a little bit of a control freak – I like to know where things are at, how they’re progressing … I’m a planner, too.
And yes, I do “grumble” about being the one that gets called on to do the extra tasks sometime … but yeah, deep down I know that it’ll be done properly if I just do it and get it done 🙂

‘Know a little about a lot’

According to Nova, Virgo’s “excel at a lot of stuff” – we “have a huge grasp on most areas, with an amazing ability to know a little about a lot”.

Apparently, we’re particularly good at “anything that’s hands-on and healthy”, and enjoy topics such as “alternative therapies, yoga, healthy living, cooking and eating”.

We also “care about the environment” – we’re “eco warriors” – saving the planet “one recycled soya yoghurt pot or rescued and re-homed kitten at a time”.

This one’s a mixed bag. I do have an interest in a lot of different subjects – not necessarily just health and wellbeing though. I do love yoga and am open to alternative therapies, but I’m not ALL about that.
And while I do care about the environment, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m an eco-warrior – although, I do go for soy yoghurt rather than dairy, but that’s because of allergies. And also, I’m more of a puppy/dog person … kittens make me sneeze!

‘Content to work solo’

Nova says that Virgo’s prefer to work solo, but also “thrive in groups of like-minded others”. Although, for group work to be successful, “they have to be totally on your wavelength”.

I’m going to have to say yes to this one. I do prefer to work solo but also enjoy working in groups where we’re all, well, on the same wavelength. There’s nothing more annoying than being in a group in which people just don’t seem to ‘get it’.

‘A seeker of perfection’

Virgo’s, according to Nova, are excellent care givers, love to learn and teach, are hard taskmasters, seekers of perfection and aren’t afraid to “criticise if things don’t come up to your high expectations”.

This, she says, makes us perfect for roles within healthcare, the fitness industry, in alternative therapies, or teaching.

According to Nova because we’re supposedly eco-warriors, we’re more likely to “follow a plant-based diet … so, working as a vegan chef could also appeal”.

Nova adds that while we “certainly expect high standards from others, we’re often harder on ourselves, pushing ourselves beyond reasonable limits and sometimes even beyond healthy boundaries”.

Yes and no with this one. I worked in healthcare, but I much prefer journalism. I do love to learn though, which explains me undertaking my Masters. I do have a tendency to be a little more critical than I’d like to be. And yes, I’m a lot harder on myself than on others. And while I’ve dabbled in plant-based eating, I enjoy meat … so, vegan chef? Probably not for me.

‘More practical than poetic’

In relationships, Nova says that Virgo’s are “more practical than poetic”. That we “prefer to receive a gift bag or organic fertiliser … rather than anything too soppy or sentimental”.

Oh, heck NO! J … if you’re reading this – do not gift me organic fertiliser. Ever. LOL. I am ALL for soppy and sentimental. And yes, jewellery is always a great option. I, for one, am probably more poetic than practical when it comes to relationships.

“Between the sheets … you have stamina galore and endless curiosity about the body,” says Nova. “The only caveat … is that the sheets must be fresh …”

Well, this one I can agree with 🙂 And definitely a big YES to fresh sheets!

So, with Virgo season here, Happy Birthday to me (almost) and my fellow Virgo pals out there.

Here’s to all our quirks, traits, and characteristics – some that might be true and some that might be a little more questionable.

x G.

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