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Coming to Apple TV+, the trailer for the second season of The Morning Show is out and it appears that, as Vulture describes, “our news girl squad” comes to an end in season two.

Source: YouTube, The Morning Show — Season 2 Official Teaser | Apple TV+.

While, as per the trailer, it appears that Jennifer Anniston’s character, Alex, “leaves the show in the wake of their on-air whistleblower moment in season one” (thanks, Vulture), everyone wants her to come back – Julianna Margulies plays a reporter who, it appears, gets a tell-all interview with Alex following her leaving the show.

Even Billy Crudup’s character, news executive Cory Ellison wants Alex back: “Let me make this simple. We have to get Alex back,” he says to the soundtrack of New York, New York playing in the background.

“There is a cost to success and fame,” says Alex, narrating in the trailer.

The second season of The Morning Show hits screens on 17 September 2021.  

For those who want to binge season one in the meantime, you can do so on Apple TV+.

And for those who may be interested in another whistleblower movie to watch, I’ve recently watched The Insider, the 1999 movie centred around investigative journalism and big tobacco.

I discovered it after listening to Ronan Farrow’s podcast, The Catch and Kill Podcast.

It’s a good one, here’s a clip (and actually, the movie is available to watch free, on YouTube):

Source: YouTube, Face off, The insider Trailer HD (1999).

Feature image: Shutterstock

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