global report reveals deepening world food crisis

While many of us may not ever have to worry about whether we can put food on the table, there are many around the nation and the world that are not so fortunate.

We might be largely preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the world – it’s heartbreaking seeing what is happening in countries like India where Covid-19 records are being broken almost daily, with more than 412,000 new cases in 24 hours and almost 4000 deaths, according to recent reports –  there is another horrifying crisis that is causing devastation around the globe, one that has been made worse by Covid-19.

Image source: World Vision.

According to one of the most respected studies on acute hunger, the Global Report on Food Crises, the world is witnessing a horrifying hunger crisis not seen in recent times.

The report stresses that unless urgent and bold humanitarian action is taken by G20 countries – including Australia – 10s of thousands of people could die of hunger in the coming months.

Among other findings, the report shows that in 2020, acute hunger increased globally because of the triple threat of conflict, Covid-19, and climate change.

It reveals that in 2020, 155 million people experienced crisis levels of hunger, or worse, an increase of around 20 million from 2019 – the highest in the report’s five-year history, according to a statement released by World Vision.

According to World Vision, the organisation is reportedly ramping up operations to respond to the deepening global food global security crisis triggered by Covid-19, especially in the world’s conflict hotspots.

World Vision Australia has also reportedly called on the Australian Government to prioritise an immediate response to the unfolding famine and famine-like conditions in several African and Middle Eastern nations.

“We urge the Government to urgently adopt a $150 million famine prevention package to support relief,” says World Vision Australia’s Senior Policy Advisor, Carsten Bockemuehl.

“We urge Australia not to wait until it is too late to respond to Covid-19-era famines. Now is the time to help prevent significant death and extreme human suffering in parts of Africa and the Middle East.”

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