curating champagne celebrations

I’ve just finished re-watching watching the entire series (that’s right, all six seasons) of the 90s-00s cult classic, Sex And The City aka SATC.

While back in the day, I may have watched an episode here and there, admittedly (and I know, this will come as a shock to all the 90s-00s gals out there) I’ve never watched the entire series.

But fast forward to 2021, and, as a 37-year-old woman, I’ve just finished the entire series.

I binged it on the streaming service, Binge. See what I did there?!

And … I appreciate it on a whole other level now that I’m of similar age to most of the characters.

Carrie was 38 in the final series, dating “The Russian” … Ugh! Post for another day.

And while, yes, watching SATC in 2021, reveals just how unrealistic the show was …

I mean, getting paid $4.50 per word as a freelancer for Vogue … *I AM BELLY LAUGHING*! Hahaha … That doesn’t happen.

 … and how much it lacked diversity, among many other issues that probably wouldn’t get too far passed the writer’s desk these days, it holds true to the bond of friendship and the importance of celebrating women.

With that, tonight I’ve opened a bottle of Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut in celebration of my dear friend, Marnie Hawson, a brilliant purpose-driven, Melbourne-based photographer.

She has been quietly working on a project – Curate, Inspiration for an Individual Home – alongside Australian interior stylist and boutique hotelier, Lynda Gardener, and journalist and stylist, Ali Heath.

Curate, according to its publisher, Octopus Books, is a book that “reveals how to create a home that is truly individual”.  

Marnie’s photos have been described as “gloriously evocative”, and the book as something that “will encourage the reader to embrace their individual style, dream big and create a timeless interior of their own”.

Curate will be available in just over a month (8 June 2021) but is now available to pre-order: here, here and even here.

I’m pre-ordering my copy as we speak …  

x G.

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