Thank You, Mum

My direct messages are constantly filled with the same questions: “who is your biggest style icon?” or “where do you look for inspiration when it comes to deciding what to wear?”. I usually just respond by explaining that I don’t really look anywhere specific for style inspiration apart from shopping on my own and buying a piece of clothing that I really like. But deep down, I know that there is a reason behind why I dress the way I dress, and if you look closely and compare photos of my mum from her youth to mine, you’ll find a very similar girl looking back at you.

My mum’s teenagehood or growing-up stage (if you will) was in the early 90’s. The prime fashion focus in that era was obviously denim, but especially Levi’s. My mum would always mention how it was a dream to own at least one pair of one of the most iconic jeans in the world, but since they were so rare and expensive in Poland at the time, everyone had to improvise. Wearing unbranded denim worked just as well, which created some very minimal, and super iconic looks from the well-known 90’s. She also mentioned that bold stripes were a big thing, as well as pretty much anything oversized, and who doesn’t love that? I constantly find myself looking at photos of my mum in that period and always think to myself: “damn, I wish I grew up then for the fashion” which probably explains what I like to wear and what I tend to look for in clothes nowadays.

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What I’m Wearing:






If you know me, you know that I’m all about comfort when it comes to what I’m wearing. The ultimate outfit combination for me is some flattering jeans, an extremely oversized jumper and some trendy footwear (am I down with the kids yet?). I’ve been about this look ever since I can remember. Strutting down Camden Town when I was 14 and visiting all of the vintage shops, I was always attracted to that typical 90’s vibe, sub-consciously picking out outfits that I’ve seen from my mothers childhood. The outfit you see in this blog post was purely inspired by my mum and was made very easy to shop on Zalando. I’m sure she would’ve rock it just the way I did, or the way I tried to. This outfit will serve me well for spring, ESPECIALLY here in gloomy London, because spring isn’t really spring here so sweaters are a necessity up until summer time, it is the perfect balance of minimal and easy – something you can just throw on!

If you haven’t noticed already, this blog post is actually dedicated to my mum, for the special occasion that is Mother’s Day. She has inspired my fashion sense as well as make me the person I am today. We have a very similar personality and I learned (and still learning) a lot from her. She is my best friend. Thank you for everything, mum!

Thank you for reading,

Gosia Joanna x

Thank you to Zalando for sponsoring this post.


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