Self-Consciousness in Fashion

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We all know where this post is heading. Everyone, including you, has probably experienced feeling nervous whilst wearing something out of their comfort zone. They or you may have seen their favourite celebrity wearing a pair of jeans and thought: “these look amazing, but I could never pull those off” and I’m here to say bullshit to this mentality. Nice clothes aren’t just for models who are in perfect shape and over 5ft8. You know it, everyone knows it. So why do we continue to let our self-awareness take advantage?


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I always say to everyone: if you like it, wear it! (unless you’re wearing see-through leggings with fake UGGs caving in on the inside, then please stop because that is not a very good look, unless it’s something you’re going for, then of course, go ahead) Stop being so tense about what other people think. The clothes you wear are for you only and no one else. Working in retail, I see woman after woman come into the fitting rooms to try things on. If they had picked something up and gone out of their way to try it on, it meant that they liked it, but in most scenarios, they leave the clothes saying that they love the design but unfortunately it “doesn’t suit” them. Which to an extent can be true, because something may just not suit you, and that’s fine. But there’s a difference in that and thinking that you can’t pull something off in public. That’s when the fear of what other people might think when they see you kicks in. I don’t know about you, but I was and still am tired of living in skinny jeans and sweatshirts, I wanted to explore the endless possibilities of what I could do with the pieces of clothing that I’m even lucky enough to own.

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I’m guilty of everything mentioned above, countless amounts of times I’m finding myself looking at clothes and saying to my friends that I wish I could pull this or this or this off. My insecurities are never-ending, and the pieces I’m most uncomfortable in are straight/baggy trousers or jeans, crop tops and berets. This is where you stop and think: “but Gosia, isn’t that all you’ve been wearing in the past month?” and your answer to that question is yes. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to wear clothes I wouldn’t normally wear out in public and to be more adventurous in my style choices. I always tell myself “when you look at other girls wearing straight jeans or a crop top you don’t think it looks bad, you think it looks cool” so I always try to be the cool girl, not the girl who is too shy to wear the clothes she really wants to wear. The voice inside my head sounds a bit like this: “am I too old for crop tops? I wore them when I was 17, surely I shouldn’t be wearing them now as a 20 year old woman, especially now that I’ve put on a little bit of weight, maybe I should ditch the crop tops all together”, and then I realise how absolutely stupid I sound or more so, someone has to tell me how absolutely stupid I sound.

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But crop tops aren’t the end of it, as a girl who’s 5ft2, it’s very difficult to find clothes that actually fit you. It limits what you can wear and it’s quite tough especially when you’re in the fashion blogger community, seeing everyone rocking the main trend pieces that don’t cater to petite girls is an absolute bummer. I usually find myself cutting the ends of trousers that are regular length just to make them work for my silly short legs (thank God for the raw hem trend am I right?) The whole not-being-tall thing had really impacted my self-esteem for a long time. I remember being rejected from modelling agencies at the age of 14 because I wasn’t tall enough, and it was later explained to me that the clothes I would be asked to model were simply too long for me. But as I’m learning to grow (haha get it?) as a person, I keep realising that none of these things truly matter as long as you’re healthy and having a good time.

I’ll say it over and over again; if you love it, wear it.

Thank you for reading,

Gosia Joanna x

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