Why I Love and Why You Should Love Valentine’s Day (even without a bae)

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and scrolling through Facebook and Twitter (yes I still scroll through Facebook, don’t judge me) I can’t help but notice everyone hating on one of my favourite holidays! What has Valentine’s Day ever done to you? It’s the holiday of love and affection, and last time I checked, love doesn’t always have to be in the celebrated in the lovey-dovey romantic sense, which brings me onto the reason why I like to celebrate the day that is seen as cursed in many people’s eyes.

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When I was in Year 8, fresh in high school, I distinctly remember being in my philosophy & religious studies class, our teacher had just announced that we will be learning about the different types of love and what they are or were according to the ancient greeks. There are eight in total. Eight types of love! Eight different ways in which you can tell someone you love them. Obviously, saying ‘I love you’ to your boyfriend and saying the same thing to your mum doesn’t have the same meaning. I won’t list the different types here, otherwise this will turn into a philosophy essay and I’ve done plenty of them in my lifetime. I’m also pretty sure you wouldn’t want to read that either.

What I’m getting at, is that you don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate love. Look around you, look at your friends and family, look at your dog or cat, look at yourself. I know that people who are single find it cringey and gross to even look at couples on Valentine’s Day, but they are just people celebrating the bond between them. If you don’t have a bae, celebrate that bond with someone else. Have a sleepover with your best friend or buy them a small gift, go out to dinner with your mum or dad, brother or sister, cousin, uncle, auntie or whoever you feel closest to. Celebrate them and your love for them. But most importantly don’t forget to celebrate you, because self-love is the best thing that you can offer yourself.

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I bet you’re thinking “this is all easy for her to say because she has a boyfriend” and yes, even though I have an amazing boyfriend whom I celebrate with every year by going to a restaurant in London that does the best hot wings and breaded mushrooms, I haven’t been with my boyfriend forever, and when I was a teen I celebrated this red and pink filled day with my closest friends instead of feeling down and negative towards the whole occurrence.

I hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day regardless of your romantic relationship status, you have all of the hugs and kisses from me even if you’re feeling alone. I will also repeat this again: love yourself.

Thank you for reading

Gosia Joanna x

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