My Favourite Photo Editing Apps

In the past few weeks I have been receiving excessive amounts of messages asking: “Gosia, how on earth do you edit your photos?!?!” – whilst my editing style changes from time to time, I’d love to share some of my favourite apps that give you the perfected insta-image on a budget. So rest assured, this is a total Photoshop and Lightroom free blog post.

  1. Facetune – an app that allows you to enhance your facial features; you can easily overdo a selfie on here so please go lightly on the editing! I use it to remove any pimples that are extremely visible in selfies as well as improve the texture of my skin.  (Facetune is currently £3.99 on the App store.)
  2. Snapseed – a Google developed professional photo editor for your Phone. I mostly use the brush exposure tool in this app to brighten any background which may look a bit too dark without over-exposing or brightening the subject of the photo. I also use the brush saturation tool to go over any unwanted yellow shades in my photos to give a more ‘whitened’ and brighter effect – I just think photos looks better like that on my Instagram! The app has a lot of other amazing features (28 to be exact) that may help you achieve the photo look you’re going for, so it’s really worth exploring. (Snapseed is currently Free on the App store.)
  3. VSCO – Everyone’s beloved filter app. I started using this app when I first started getting into ‘actually-editing’ my photos for Instagram back in 2013(?) This app turns your phone-taken photos into works of art. The basic filters are handy but you can also purchase packs of them for the amount you’d spend on a cup of coffee. My ultimate favourites are: A4, A5, A6, A9, C6 and C8. I edit my exposure, contrast, sharpness and tint on this app and it couldn’t be easier to use. (VSCO is currently Free on the App store – offers in-app purchases.)
  4. Afterlight – I feel like this is the app that everyone is after in this post. I started using this back in 2013 too. It allows me to put dusty and light-leaked effects on all of my Instagram photos. It’s a super easy to use app, I mainly use it for the textures and light leaks but you can also use it for filters and frames if you’re into that. I also use it to edit clarity! (Afterlight is currently Free on the App store – offers in-app purchases.) 
  5. A Color Story – This app is really good if you like interpreting a pop of colour into your photos, however I only use it for one thing. This app has the best sunlight flare overlay that it’s just absolutely perfect if you’re going on holiday. If you’re into the whole “I’m-on-holiday-and-I’m-trying-to-make-everyone-jealous” photo style then definitely download this app before your next vacation. (A Color Story is currently Free on the App store.)


  1. kirakira+ – Are you tired of watching everyone’s sparkly Instagram stories without knowing HOW ON EARTH they’re making everything sparkle around them? Look no further. Kirakira makes you feel like a princess even when your life’s a mess. Note: this app works best with videos. (kirakira+ is currently £0.99 on the App store.)
  2. Glitché – “it is the ultimate tool for creating cutting-edge photo and video artistry”.  Recently I posted a video with a VHS effect on it and many of you liked it, you can put all sorts of cyber effects on your pictures (and save them as GIFs) or videos. However, in my opinion, this app isn’t worth your money as it doesn’t like to load your videos from iCloud even after you’ve paid, maybe they will fix this issue soon. (Glitché is currently £0.49 on the App store – video filters, hi-res export and camera filters all cost £2.99 each in-app.)
  3. HUJI – I saved the best until last. Most of my story photos are taken with this app and ever since I’ve started using it my direct messages have been filled with questions in regards to this. I have been looking for an app like this my whole life, it is essentially a disposable/analog camera installed on your phone. I’ve been using this app as a visual diary and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! (HUJI is currently Free on the App store.)

If you decide to use any of these make sure to hashtag #lookgosia so I can see your creativity!

Thank you for reading.

Gosia Joanna x

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