Gingham Gal

It’s spring, and what better way to celebrate than to throw your hair in a half bun whip out an oversized gingham shirt? Or gingham anything really. The choker effect is perfect, it already acts as an accessory but you could still layer some necklaces below it if you wanted to. For my own comfort I chose not to because I’m lazy af. As you can see, the sleeves are gigantic and really give you that extra bit of room for comfort which is everything I’m always about.  As much as I do love this shirt, I’d love it more if my bra wasn’t coming out the v-neck every two seconds. I feel like I’m writing an essay, so let’s finish the evaluation of this shirt with a 9/10. (I’m wearing an XS and usually a UK size 4/6).

I just decided to pair this shirt with my staple black skinny jeans, loafers with some gold detailing and my clear lens glasses (which honestly go with anything and everything, I strongly recommend you invest in these).

Thanks for reading! x

what I’m wearing:


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